HIIT Hybrid Training

Cardio And Strength Exercise Training Sessions

What is HIIT Hybrid Training?

Run by Jack Martin at Gibson Studios in Wotton-Under-Edge.

HIIT hybrid training mixes high-intensity intervals with other exercises like strength or flexibility training for a comprehensive workout targeting various fitness goals.

Eight Week Course

Boost your fitness and strength over the next 8 weeks, twice a week.

Group Motivation

Training with the same group of like minded people, here you can push each other session by session as you pair up to work between a cardio and weights stations.

HIIT Training at Gibson Studios
a gym room with a variety of exercise equipment
Jack Martin, Re Form
HIIT Hybrid Training at Gibson Studios

Class Times

Attend one of our morning classes.


06:30 – 07:15


06:30 – 07:15

Class Pricing

Classes are ran in blocks of 8 weeks.

£80 per block of 8 weeks.
Attend up to 2 classes per week!

Jack Martin

Contact: 0736 1245730