Wellness Suite

Available For Hire

Utilise our luxurious suite as a space for your clients. Includes both a consultation and treatment area.
Able to cater to any profession from Massage and Beauty Therapy to Tattoo Artistry to Sports Massage.

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All professionals at Gibson Studios will receive client recommendations, business advice and free marketing to help grow their career and client base.

massage therapy at Gibson Studios

Massage and Beauty Therapy

Gibson Studios Private Therapy Room Wellness Suite

Available for hire

Sports Massage Therapy Gibson Studios

Body Recovery

Wellness Suite Professionals

Find out more about the people making use of our suite.

Discover the diverse range of services offered by self-employed fitness, creative, or beauty professionals who utilize our suite.

SJ Gibson Studios


Sarah-Jane offers a range of services including a variety of massage styles, beauty treatments and make-up.

Sarah-Jane utilises the suite to provide a comfortable experience in a more private setting.

IG: s_j_hairbeauty

Contact: 0781 3973786

Danaya Watchman Gibson Studios

Danaya Watchman

Danaya, otherwise known as Ratattooee, caters to all styles of tattoos but specialises in fine line and illustrative pieces with shading.

Providing unique custom designs and sessions at an affordable rate in a cosy and private setting.

IG: Ratattooee

Contact: 0758 5335782